Join the Club!!

15 on the 15th Club: You place an order every month for 12 months (1 year). Each month your order needs to be at $15 (before S/H and Tax). You can always order more if you choose.
What this includes:

• FREE Ideabook each time it is released

• FREE Shipping on your First Order

• FREE gift with each monthly order

• FREE Special gift once year commitment is complete

• All the FREE Product and Half price items that are earned during your hostess month!!

We DO NOT place orders in December. We take a break in December to allow ourselves to redirect funds towards Christmas and other special events that month. So, if you sign up and place your first order in July, your last month to order is July of the next year. This allows for 12 orders (1 per month skipping December)

Orders are due to me by the 12th of the month if I need to calculate shipping/handling and tax. This allows me to receive it, calculate it and return it to you in an ample amount of time to place the club order. I need to have payment prior to placing your order. Therefore the 12th of the month deadline also allows me to have your total to you in a reasonable amount of time for you to make payment.

I am able to take cash, check or credit card. If you chose, I am able to hold your credit card information for your monthly order. This is how your order works if you decide to go this route:
1. Email me your order by the 12th

2. I calculate your total and email you back

3. If you do not agree with the total or have questions, you MUST email me before the 15th. We will resolve any issues or answer questions before the club order is placed.

4. If I have not heard from you, I assume that the total is ok and I place the order.

5. Please print the email with your total for your records.

**IF you call, or scratch me a note with your order, I will ALWAYS email you your total. I do this so that we both have record of the transaction. This allows each of us to refer to it. I do not include paperwork in the bag when your product is given to you.
You will be scheduled a hostess month at sign up. I will contact you prior to your hostess month to discuss it with you. However, for your planning purposes, this is how your hostess month works:

• You will place your "normal" $15 on the 15th order.

• At the same time you give me your order, I will ask you for a "wishlist" of items. I will need about $60 in free product items and at least one half-price item for your wishlist. This allows me to calculate the order accordingly without contacting you multiple times. As the orders increase, the more items I check off. If the hostess benefits increase past the amounts I described above, I will call you to let you know that I need more and will let you know the amount at that time.

• I calculate and total ALL orders for the month. You do not have any outside work to do!!

• OPTIONAL: If you chose, you are able to gather outside orders to add to the club orders on your hostess month. This allows for the "Club/Gathering" total to increase. Therefore, your "Club Hostess" benefits increase accordingly. *Please refer to the Hostess benefits section in the ideabook to view the levels of free product and half price items. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO THIS. IT IS JUST A BENEFIT TO YOU, IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT.

• After I have received all the orders from the members of the club, I will contact you to let you know the total of the "club gathering", your order, and the amount that you need to pay for hostess benefits (ie. tax, difference in half price items, any applicable shipping/handling, etc.)

• I WILL NOT place the order prior talking to you as the club hostess for that month.

At the conclusion of your one year commitment, I will ask you (about 1-2 months ahead of time) if you plan to re-commit for a new year. If you chose to do a second year, you will receive free shipping on your first month commitment, free end of the year gift and free gift with each order. PLUS any specials that I may have at that time! So, you still gain all of the great "Free" reasons to join that second year!!
I hope this helps you in gaining the most benefit from the club! If at anytime you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to papercrafting with you over the next year!!