Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wow... It has been a long time!

Ok. So, I realize that it has been a long time since I have been on here. I said that I was going to do this great job of keeping up my blog. However, let's be honest... I have 3 kids, a house, a wonderful husband and oh.. did I mention we are living temporarily in WI! Yeah, so, I have a few excuses for things that take my time. I would really like to get into this Pinterest, Blogging and design team dream that I have right now. What is that you may ask? Well, as you know, I have been crafting for awhile. I feel like I have hit a point in my life where I am ready to start sharing my creations with others.... You know, spread my wings a little. Whenever I read about one of my favorite papers or embellishments looking for a design team member, or a design contest, my heart races a little. I guess I want to see if I have the talent. Many of the contests and opportunities require a fully functional blog. Not one where you just log in and post once or twice every two-three years. So, I guess, that is my motivation to keep up this blog a little better. So, I am setting a goal (before I announce this to anyone), to post a creation a day for the next week. Let's see if I can keep my goal. Wish me luck!

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