Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Gift for my Mother In Law

I made this bracelet and necklace for my mother in law Sandy for Mother's Day.  Now that she has received it, I am sharing it with all of you.  I used hardware and glass tiles from  Then, I used the CTMH Stella paperpack and liquid glass along with a couple flower photos and pics of my kids.  Even though she can't be here with us in WI, I thought she could carry her grandkids around with her daily.

It is a fairly simple project to do.  You just size your pictures to 1"x1".  It is important to print your picture onto copy paper.  NOT PHOTO PRINT PAPER!!  Then you adhere them to the glass tile using liquid glass (flat side of tile onto the picture with picture facing through the tile).  Once they dry, you adhere the scrapbook paper onto the back of the picture.  This is the backing.  Use modge podge on the back to act as a sealer.  If you are adding it to the bracelet, you just put a pea size amount of E3000 glue in the middle of the metal square on the bracelet where the tile will fit.  Push the glass tile onto the glue with picture facing up.  Allow to dry over night (24 hours) before wearing.  Use the same directions for the necklace pendant.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how and who made these. I love them and I have worn them every day since I received them. Thank you.