Sunday, June 3, 2012

Taste of Eau Claire

The weather was beautiful today.  We got outside and went downtown in Eau Claire for the "Taste of the Valley".  There was free musicians, activities and food.  The kids took a break to sit on a rock in Phoenix Park to listen to some music along the Chippewa River.
 As you can see from this picture, we definitely tried a little bit of everything.  As always, we "go with what we know" as Eric says...  we had pizza and chicken wings.  (Along with a lot of other yummy things.)  My favorite was the Main Street Cafe.  They served up little mini pies, cheesecakes, slices of pies, brownies, AND yummy Strawberry Shortcake.
 This is Ethan standing on the bridge crossing the Chippewa River.
Eau Claire has many statues in the downtown area.  Recently, they moved many of the "older" ones.  Some of them went to new home in other cities, while some of the favorites found new homes around town.  Here is the Dane.  He was moved recently from down town to Phoenix Park on the River.  This is Wyatt and Sydney playing with him.  Since moving many statues, Eau Claire has brought a lot of new statues to the downtown area.

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