Monday, April 16, 2012

A Perfect Summer Day

Well... I may be in Wisconsin, but it is feeling like Ohio weather here.  It was sunny and 74 degrees yesterday.  We had a BBQ and the kids were running around in shorts.  Today, it is 37 degrees and we had snow in the morning.  So, I am reminded of HOME.  Feels like Ohio weather to me.  I thought only in Ohio could you get get Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall in a span of 24 hours.  However, I guess it can happen here in WI also.  Since I am feeling a bit chilly, I thought I would post a fun Summer layout to warm things up.  I like this one because it mixes a couple paper packets and some bits of whimsy.  Have a sunny day (even if it is snowing where you are!)

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Anonymous said...

Love the summer layout. Thanks for the inspiration!!