Friday, April 20, 2012

Shirtless Wonder and his sidekicks

 Wyatt has a knack for running around the house lately with no clothes on.  So, you are lucky in this picture he is just Shirtless Wonder and not the Naked Bandit!  He LOVES everything Spideman and Superman right now - as you can see.
 I just love his expressions.  He is so dramatic!  He takes after Sydney in this department.  He loves creative play.  Luckily he hasn't taken to trying to fly just yet - say a prayer for me that he holds off on this trick!!  Everyone asks me how I get anything done with my 3 kiddos (creative things that is...)...  But really, just look at the pics I get,  I have tons of creative inspiration and drive to get these photos on the page :)  Lucky for me, Close to My Heart also came out with a Super Hero paper packet, matching stamp sets, and embellishments.  Wyatt has given me plenty of photo ops.  I can't wait to get all the pictures on the page.  I will share them as I get them done.  So, check back soon!
 Of course, as I am capturing Wyatt standing on the furniture above him, I have to take a picture of Ethan quietly playing with his legos on the floor.  Such a contrast to his little brother, yet so similar.  They are both so loving!
Then there is my HAM Sydney...  "take a picture of me MOM".  Of course she was afraid that I would forget her.  My little middle child.  I love that girl.  Here she is striking a pose while watching a cartoon and eating a snack.


Anonymous said...

I miss that little Shirtless Wonder and his brother and sister! Can't wait to see what you do with the pics. Will keep checking for some inspiration!

Tammy said...

awesome pics. Just to let you know my son did take to flying, using teh wings off of a partridge that his father had just got. He stood on the box rails of the truck and would jump off flapping these birds wings, hoping to take All in a day of fun

new follower